I think our customers need to be aware that there are scammers out there that are robbing innocent people that are only looking for a job. The company approaching you will look legitimate enough and usually will post on large employment sites to appear as though they are looking to hire lots of employee’s.  Beware of the job that is too good to be true; it will be because it’s is an old employment scam that has been around forever but now has an updated twist for 2018. This particular scam has been around for many years using traditional funding methods such as Western Union, Wire Transfers, Money Orders, Bank Drafts etc. but now in modern times, they have switched to Bitcoin as the payment method.

If you get approached about a new job that entails someone sending you funds via an email transfer to your bank account you are probably the victim of a fraud. The thieves have figured out a way to send you stolen funds which will be charged back to your bank account. Typically they will tell you that the job requires that you get deposits to your bank account you then withdraw cash and go to the local Bitcoin ATM to deposit this cash and then you send the Bitcoin to a QR code that they have provided you. It is important to remember that once Bitcoin’s sent it is gone forever.  Before you send Bitcoin or anything call to set up an appointment at the office and I will talk with you about it, and hopefully we can save you a lot of heartaches and a lot of money!

Once you deposit the cash into the Bitcoin ATM and send the Bitcoin to the QR code, the scammers provided they then tell you that you can keep a  % of the money for your self. The next thing that will happen is they will step things up and try to get you to send more Bitcoin faster and faster. They do this because they know it is just a matter of time before people discover something is not right! Do not fall victim to this old con think  “why someone would pay me so much money for such an easy job?” They wouldn’t be able to pay that much because no legitimate company could pay that well for such a simple job, and if they did they would go broke very quickly. So I will try to sum it up for you…


And Listen very carefully now…


 Remember once Bitcoin or any Crypto is sent it’s gone forever!

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