Our Brand New 2017 Bitcoin ATM is up and running at WinnipegBTC.com which is located at 201 Bond Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I can tell you first hand that it’s a really fast and awesome looking machine! This is modern Bitcoin ATM technology at its finest featuring a large easy to read touch screen with simple usage instructions. It even has a bright neon coloured LED ring around the outside of the screen that changes colours. It has NFC built in with marketplace POS integration for implementation later on. This Bitcoin ATM is a two way machine so it can BUY Bitcoin from you and SELL Bitcoin to you. I’m in the office here at 201 Bond Street Tuesday through Friday from 12 – 6 pm you are welcome to come by and try it out! OH BTW we have special rates for a limited time on the machine, so come git some BTC!