In-person Consultation for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

We offer discreet, fast, and reliable help with the purchase or sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We now have our brand new (2017) Bitcoin ATM up and running at our office at 201 Bond Street, come have a look. Our BTM will both sell and buy Bitcoin.

Technical Support

I have years of experience in both Mining and the installation and setup of  Bitcoin mining farms. Whether you are looking to invest or integrate Bitcoin and Crypto into your business or are just curious I’m here to help!


If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin the Blockchain or other Crypto Currencies I offer in house seminars and presentations to assist you and your associates to get up to speed on Crypto Currencies. If you’re thinking of investing in Crypto Currencies I can assist you with the entire process from the security and safe storage of your coins to the acquisition. When I first started advising clients in 2014 “1” Bitcoin was under $400 CAD as of this writing it is now over $1600. There is still time to invest in this emerging technology there are a lot of  people that are predicting Bitcoin to be over $2500 US by the end of 2017 so the time is right to come git some 😉

204.224.3483 201 Bond Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2C2L3