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When I first heard of this tech called “Bitcoin” in late 2009, or early 2010 it was pretty much worthless but quite intriguing so I figured what the hell I will give it a go and see what I can do with it.  I downloaded a digital wallet which included the entire Bitcoin BlockChain and it actually downloaded pretty quick. We had fast high-speed connection at the store in those days but the files were smaller than I thought they would be and even the mining software was tiny. I was off to a good start I had it all set up and running in no time and was happily “Bitcoin Mining” on my shiny new gaming laptop and earning “Satoshie’s” like crazy and I was in miner heaven! It blew my mind that I could plug in a device and it would work for me just like an employee but much better. My new employee worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and as long as it was feed power it never complained about time off or overtime or sick days it just kept happily churning out Satoshie’s!  Man, I wish I had those Satoshie’s now…

My mining experience was cut short a while later when I realized that this “Mining” was literally cooking my laptop with the amount of heat that was being produced. I decided that this stuff was not worth enough to keep cooking my nice new laptop so I deleted it all. I never had that many Bitcoins and you could not do anything with them in those days so I also deleted my digital wallet and never gave it much more thought. A few years pass by and my Buddy and previous business partner says to me “Hey have you heard about Bitcoin?” I said “Ya that stuff is worthless and it almost toasted my laptop a few years ago!” He said, “I think you should look again 1 Bitcoin is worth over $300!” That was 2013 and at the date of writing this now Bitcoin is worth…wait I will look it up…. $6,118.29 CAD on Quadrigacx.com. I never stopped looking at Bitcoin and Crypto Currency and I have had an ongoing case of “CryptoFever” ever since. Bitcoin and Crypto have become a way of life, an obsession, and an eye opener!

We have heated the store with Bitcoin Miners since 2013 and have had a few inquiries over the years from the local utility company as to why we stopped using Natural Gas at a 1800 SQ. FT. commercial building. We showed one of their people when they came by our miners that we were using to heat the building with and when asked to explain what they were and what Bitcoin was I said, “They are just a powerful data server”. They looked at me skeptically so I offered to show them what they looked like.  They understood right away after seeing them why we no longer needed gas cause Miners in those days pumped out heat like crazy and consumed A LOT of electricity. I was popping breakers every day and there was no snow around the sides of the building even and when the outside temperature was as cold as -35C it was still +35C inside!  That was late 2013 and we have not used much natural gas since. Today we are still using miners for most of our heat and getting Crypto for doing it, Gotta love that. Every year since then we have continued to heat our commercial building our home and even a rental property crawl space with Miners and now this year for 2017-2018 we will be heating with DASH, ETHEREUM, DECRED, MONERO, LITECOIN, BITCOIN & ZCASH! I love CRYPTO! 😉

In late 2014, I purchased 2 Skyhook Bitcoin ATM’s off of Kijiji from a fellow who was not longer interested in running them and just like that we were in the Bitcoin ATM or “BTM” business. My interest was not to earn $MONEY I was trying to get more ‘”Bit’s” or “Satoshie’s” so this seemed like another great way to getting them. I set one of the BTM’s up in our computer store and the other at a friend’s water store and waited for the Bitcoin to roll in, except no one even knew what they were and they sat around for almost a year. During this time, a friend who owned the only other Bitcoin ATM in town had lost his location at a local restaurant and decided that he wanted out of the business so I negotiated with him and purchased his Bitcoin ATM.  This was a high-end 2-way Bitcoin ATM unit that looks similar to a large Bank ATM.  This machine is capable of selling Bitcoin and buying Bitcoin from customers. This machine has a recycler so cash that is brought in from selling Bitcoin can then be used to purchase Bitcoin from customers. It’s now 2017 and we have 5 machines around town with the 6th going in the next month or so. We also sell Litecoin and Ethereum in 5 of our 6 BTM’s with more coins coming on the machines soon. Crypto is going to the moon, I’m just a guy hanging on for the ride…


We are located at 201 Bond Street in
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R2C2L3

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